"MISSION STATEMENT - To ensure we receive justice under the law, equally, impartially, and expeditiously, with dignity and respect for all."


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CCCJustice.org Invites All Family Law Support Groups

We Invite All Family Law Support Groups To Join In One Common Cause

CCCJustice.org - Suggested fixes to Family Law Problems

Our Solutions To Many Family Law Problems

We are establishing a non-profit organization that will:

  • Lobby for removal of judges' immunity to instill accountability
  • Lobby for removal of court experts' immunity to instill accountability
  • Legislate changes in the way family courts deal with high conflict divorces and child custody cases
  • Establish a fund which will be used to litigate judicial and court expert misconduct.
  • Although our scope is national our initial focus is Contra Costa County
  • It is time for change... Our families deserve better.

We will look for ways to help our court meet its mission and support:

The right to equal custody, given no unusual circumstances. Right to Freedom of speech. Right against judicial misconduct, suppressing evidence including evidence and opinions offered by Code 730 experts. Right of equal protection by law. Freedom of due process by law. Right to protection from any ill-effects of an emergency protective or restraining order. Right to remain in your home. Right to face your accuser.

Contra Costa County Family Court Statistics:

Findings from Court Watch


Analysis of over 40 cases



(% of Time)

Judge or Commissioner is not prepared to hear the case (Has not reviewed pleadings)

Over 90%

Judge or Commissioner issues orders however doesn't enforce them (This causes significant conflict and induces significant delays)

Over 90%

Judge or Commissioner orders attorneys and their clients to meet and confer but one side will not cooperate... Then does nothing to drive cooperation... (This causes significant conflict and induces significant delays)

Over 90%

Judge or Commissioner takes months to deal with TRO (This takes the accused's rights away and gives unfair control of everything to the accuser)

Over 50%

When a Judge or Commissioner makes a mistake it rarely gets fixed (This causes one of the litigants to file motion after motion to fix the error... However it rarely gets fixed)

Over 80%

We will investigate reports that judges and commissioners:

Deliberately violate the law.  Commit fraud or conspiracy. Intentionally violate due process of law.  Deliberately disregard material facts.  Conduct judicial acts without jurisdiction,  Block lawful conclusions of cases.  Deliberately violate the Constitution of California or the United States.





Would Rylan Fuchs still be alive today?

If only Commissioner Berkow and company paid attention to the pleading of the father, Bill Fuchs?


Contra Costa TimesClick Here

Would Dimitra Mantas still be alive today?

If only Commissioner Berkow followed the recommendation of the custody evaluator and other experts...  Had Commissioner Berkow listened to Peter Mantas's eighteen months of pleading for help...  Had attorneys not hidden the young man's pleadings for help from Peter Mantas and Commissioner Berkow... Would Dimitra Mantas be alive today? 


Contra Costa TimesClick Here

KRON 4 Click Here

What really sent Susan Polk over the edge?

Could it have been that on September 27, 2002, Mr. Polk was granted temporary custody of their youngest son and control of the house.  To add insult to injury Mrs. Polk later found out that Commissioner Berkow reduced her alimony and child support from $6,500 per month to $1,700. All this happened when Mrs. Polk was in Montana.  How can this happen?  Suggested reading Seduced by Madness by Carol Pogash. Click Here















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